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  • How can I hire your services?
    You can reach out to us via any of our communication channels. We will verify whether we have coverage in your area. Once you receive approval, we will guide to the process to start as soon as possible.
  • How long does de training program lasts?
    Well, that depends on each dog because they are all unique. The truth is that, the more we collaborate as a team (owner and trainer), the more improved and quicker outcomes we will achieve.
  • How long does the walk last?
    Our walks last 50 minutes, sometimes it may take a little bit longer due to external factors beyond our control.
  • Can my dog walk in a pack ?
    Normallly our dogs walk in a pack except for those who have socialization issues, but in those cases non stable dogs get into a program in which we work along to make them stable first, so they can join a pack.
  • Do I need an appointment for grooming?
    Yes, You will need an appointment, however depending on the availability we may have a chance to groom your pet. However the best to ensure that your dog will have the best look, is to set an appointment.
  • What kind of coat does my dog have?
    * Short coat: chihuahua, doberman, boxer, belgian shepherd... * Double coat: husky, pom, golden, chow chow, german shepherd, border collie... * Mixed coat: golden doodle, old english shepherd, spanish water dog... * Silky coat: yorkshire terrier, setter, Cocker Spaniel, Afghan hound... * Curly coat: bichon frise, bedlington terrier, Poodle... * Wire coat: schnauzer, fox terrier, airedale terrier, jack russel, border terrier... * Hairless coat: xoloitzcuintli, chinese crested dog, american hairless terrier...
  • What does the Boarding Service includes?
    It includes a daily walk, cleaning the area, feeding the pet, replace the water with fresh water, photos and videos of your pet and lots of love.
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