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Our walks were created so satisfy every dog's need.

While walking with us, your dog will find the exercise it needs to burn excess energy,
basic training to learn the limits and freedoms to know how to behave with the environment and the most important, they will also have free time to enjoy and socialize while playing with their fellow dogs.

Join our pack or personalized walk with us today!!

     Choose the right option for your dog!

* Walks can be in group (pack):

-  1 day per week (50 min) $20 
-  3 days per week (50 min daily) $55  
-  5 days per week (50 min daily) $90

* Single walks:

-  1 day per week 

1 hour: -$30-        30 min: -$15-

-  3 days per week 

1 hour: -$85-        30 min: -$43- 

-  5 days per week

1 hour: -$125-       30 min: -$63- 

"If you have 2 or more dogs, please send us a message for a special discount"

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